Mail Division

Proudly Serving the United States Postal Service

Alan Ritchey, Inc. (ARI) has a proud heritage of service to the United States Postal Service (USPS). We have transported mail for the USPS since 1964. Our company’s rapid response capabilities continue to be demonstrated with excellent “on-time” delivery performance for USPS dedicated routes and emergency contracts. We, at ARI, have not forgotten what brought us to where we are today—that is the reason we continue our focus on being reliable, being on time and delivering quality service at a fair price. Our standards and goals are high—we don’t believe in or settle for anything less. We are passionate about delivering more than expected and determined to maintain customer satisfaction. Quality, reliability and value remain at the core of ARI’s relationship with the USPS.

Our culture is aligned with our business goals to allow us to outperform our competition.

Mail Transportation

ARI provides solutions to the Postal Service for the transportation of mail. This was the foundation of the company established more than 50 years ago, and remains a core component of the organization. Our half-century-long relationship with the Postal Service is a manifestation of the service we provide and speaks to our reputation as a top Postal provider. Ensuring the most efficient delivery for the Postal Service, ARI has a remarkable record of on-time performance, achieving approximately 99% for its trucking operations. The flexibility and versatility to provide transportation solutions for dedicated routes, temporary contracts and pilot projects, as well as emergency contracts, align us with our customer’s needs. The company is supported by 24-hour maintenance and 24-hour computerized dispatch.

Trailer Leasing

ARI has provided trailer leasing services to the Postal Service. We have had trailer pools set up at various postal facilities across the nation. The Postal Service used our trailers in the transportation of U.S. Mail and mail transport equipment (MTE). The trailers were equipped with a GPS tracking system. The maintenance and repair for these trailers were provided at each location. Our rigorous preventative maintenance program ensured the equipment provided was always in good working order.

Christmas Mail Service

The knowledge and experience provided by ARI during Peak Season, and throughout the year, grants the Postal Service peace of mind and confidence in knowing the project/contract will be performed and completed beyond ordinary expectations.

Terminal Handling

ARI is an experienced terminal handling services provider. The cross dock/sorting operation includes locating and leasing facilities and equipment, and furnishing labor and management during the annual Christmas mail rush. ARI has operated sites in Salt Lake City, UT, Denver, CO, Des Moines, IA, Portland, OR and St. Paul, MN.


With decades of service during the Peak Season, ARI has the proven experience and ability to ramp up the operation to handle sudden surges of volume. Whether it is during the holiday rush or unexpected events, ARI can be counted on to deliver the on-time service that is demanded in today’s business environment.