About Us

Our Mission

Alan Ritchey, Inc. was founded on the idea of exceeding customer’s expectations. We believe in customer service, strong employer/employee relationships and delivering on our promises. Our primary goal is to maintain long term relationships with our customers based on trust and exemplary service. We are also dedicated to finding new opportunities and seeking efficiencies that are beneficial to Alan Ritchey, Inc., our customers and the environment.

Our company goal is to cultivate success for our valued clients and for our dedicated employees.

Innovation and Technology

With a constantly evolving industry it is imperative to be looking for new ways to compete and provide an advantage to our customers. We continue to invest in technology to increase efficiency, minimize waste and develop products and services to solve our client’s problems.

Our People

We believe our people are our most valuable asset. To be successful, we look for people with a combination of attributes: strong work ethic, vision and dedication. We work hard to maintain an atmosphere of teamwork, creativity and integrity so that we can exceed our customer’s expectations. If you would like to join our team, please click here.

We believe in a strong work ethic supported by current technology.

Green Environmental Practices

We strive to minimize our impact on the environment by participating in the EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partner program. By implementing the latest technologies, we have significantly reduced the air emissions of our equipment.

Company Culture

The culture of a company is the embodiment of its core values and driving principles. Our culture is aligned with our business goals to allow us to outperform our competition. Our company goal is to cultivate success for our valued clients, and for our dedicated employees. We foster a strong work ethic and long lasting relationships founded on trust and integrity. The Alan Ritchey team is dedicated to ensuring our actions are carried out in accordance with these driving principles.

Community Outreach

At Alan Ritchey, Inc., we believe in giving back to the communities that we serve. We provide support to the United Way by participating in fundraising efforts at our corporate office. Our team of dedicated employees also support the American Cancer Society and the Relay for Life. In addition to our fundraising efforts, our staff donates volunteer hours to non-profit organizations.