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Proudly Serving the United States Postal Service
Alan Ritchey, Inc. has a proud heritage of service to the United States Postal Service. We have transported mail for the USPS since 1964.  Our company's rapid response capabilities continue to be demonstrated with excellent "on-time" delivery performance for USPS dedicated routes and emergency contracts. Alan Ritchey, Inc. has not forgotten what brought us to where we are today—that’s the reason we continue our focus on being reliable, being on time and delivering quality service. Our standards and goals are high—we don’t believe in or settle for anything less.
Bulk Mail Transportation
Alan Ritchey, Inc. provides solutions for the transportation of bulk mail to the USPS. This was the foundation of our company of our 40 years ago and remains a core component of the organization. We maintain a greater than 99% on-time-performance rating ensuring the most efficient delivery for the postal service. The flexibility to provide transportation solutions for dedicated routes as well as emergency contracts align us with our customers needs.
Trailer Leasing
Alan Ritchey, Inc. also provides trailer leasing services to the postal service. We have trailer pools set up at various postal facilities across the nation. The postal service uses our trailers in the transportation of U.S. Mail. The maintenance and repair for these trailers is provided at our full service repair shop in Valley View, Texas. Our rigorous preventative maintenance program ensures the equipment we provide is always in good working order.
Christmas Mail Service
Alan Ritchey, Inc. provides third-party logistics, which includes locating and leasing facilities and equipment, and furnishing labor and management during the annual Christmas mail rush.

We provide the following services:
  • The receipt of trailers from the USPS or USPS transportation contractor
  • Unloading of containers/pallets of mail
  • Sorting or cross-docking of mail
  • Reloading of trailers
  • Data collection and validation regarding the trailer arrival and departure times, trips, routes, containers/pallets and seal numbers
  • Expediting and dispatching trailers

ARI also provides a secure location with 24/7 monitoring of building entrances by inside and outside security personnel. We provide a 24/7 operation handling the daily containers, daily truck arrivals and departures. ARI provides material handling equipment and supervision of direct labor to accomplish all work within the facility. Supervisors are provided 24/7 from our corporate office in order to maintain a higher level of responsiveness. Our mail contracts operate for three or more weeks each year, beginning each holiday season. This requires us to rebuild the operation’s facilities, equipment and staffing, and also provide training and supervision from the ground up each year. As a premier logistics provider, this is routine for ARI.

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