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Company History
The history of Alan Ritchey, Inc. dates back to 1964 when Alan Ritchey founded the company. We have been serving other businesses across the nation for over 45 years. The company has changed quite a bit through the years but, one thing remains the same.....our dedication to delivering the great service to our customers.
The company was founded in 1964 when Alan Ritchey partnered with his brother, Harvey, in the mail transportation business. This was the beginning of many business ventures for the Ritchey family. Alan also began buying and storing grain at a grain elevator he operated during the same timeframe. Alan's wife,Charlene Ritchey, served as bookkeeper and also worked as a short-haul driver. Alan's strong work ethic, integrity and willingness to give 110% to get the job done were the key to success for the young entrepreneur. These same morals and values are part of our company's culture to this day.
Alan acquired another postal contract for service between Vinita, Oklahoma and Dallas, Texas. This contract was operated out of the Ritchey Gin Company. Alan continued to perform most of the maintenance on his own equipment.

Alan purchased his father’s share of Ritchey Gin Company in 1967, which by this time had become the largest cotton and grain operation in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. Alan also acquired his brother's share of the mail transportation business during the same year. Alan was awarded the Dallas-Wichita, Kansas mail route in 1968 which we still operate today.

1972 was the year for the first star (long-haul) USPS mail routes—Dallas to Los Angeles and Dallas to San Francisco. These routes required the use of team drivers. Until this time, mail that was carried across country was transported exclusively by train. Contracts continued to be administered from the Valley View office; however, the maintenance operation was moved into a facility designed and constructed by Alan and his brother. This facility has been enlarged and continues to operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Alan entered the ranching business in 1974 when he purchased a 720-acre ranch from his father. This was the first step in building agricultural operations that today include over 14,000 acres of land.
Alan Ritchey, Incorporated was established on August 30, 1976. Most of the business was still operated as a sole proprietorship until 1987 when Alan Ritchey, Inc. bought the feed mill. Alan sold the cotton and grain businesses in 1978 to Martindale Feed Mill, a Valley View company located on adjoining property.

1983 was the beginning of the trailer pool business for Alan Ritchey when he was awarded the San Francisco Bulk Mail Center (BMC) contract. The Des Moines BMC trailer pool contract was acquired soon thereafter. Today, our trailer pool numbers over 1100+ trailers.
Alan Ritchey, Inc. expanded into the transportation of general commodities in 1986. Alan purchased Martindale Feed Mill, Inc.(MFM) in 1987 bringing this business under the ARI umbrella. By this time, MFM had grown to a customer base within a 250-mile radius of Valley View.

Because of our desire to enhance benefit to employees, Alan Ritchey, Inc. created the Profit Sharing & 401K Plan in 1989. MFM purchased a bulk feed station in Sulphur Springs (MFM-Sulphur Springs) in 1992. This facility provides feed for a large number of dairies in the region.

In the spring of 1994, MFM purchased another feed mill in Marshall, Texas. Extensive renovations continued until January 1995 when full production began.

MFM purchased a facility in Wolfe City, Texas (AR Farms—Wolfe City) in June 1994. This facility was used for the purchase and storage of cotton seed, an ingredient to be used in the manufacturing of feed for Martindale Feed Mill. For more information on MFM please visit our website.
In 1998 Alan Ritchey, Inc. was awarded two USPS Mail Transport Equipment Service Center (MTESC) contracts. These contracts consist of six sites across the United States: San Francisco, California; Seattle, Washington; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Springfield, Massachusetts; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Long Island, New York.

Alan Ritchey Materials Company (ARMCO) was founded in 2005. ARMCO supplies sand and aggregate to the construction, recreation and manufacturing sectors. Our state-of-the-art facilities are capable of producing over 25,000 tons per day of the highest quality sand and aggregate.
The Future of Alan Ritchey, Inc.
Alan Ritchey, Inc. has diversified, with an employee staff in excess of 1100 and 100% ownership still being maintained by the Ritchey family. We have demonstrated for over 45 years that we are reliable and believe in providing the highest quality service at a reasonable price. We look forward to continued growth and commitment in the 21st Century with the same dedication and spirit as we have demonstrated in the 20th Century.
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